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Step 1

Gather all your relevant tax documents for this tax year. These include W-2s, 1099s, etc. Please visit our checklist page for what to gather.

Accounting Documents

Step 2

Make sure your documents are properly sealed in a sturdy envelope or package so that we are easily able to identify it from the rest. You may make copies of them instead of giving us the originals.


Step 3

Bring your documents within an envelope or package and drive to our location below:

515 Redondo Ave Suite B

Long Beach, CA 90814

If it is during office hours, please leave your documents in a drop box we have inside. If you are dropping off after hours, please drop your package off by putting your package in the mail slot at the back door.

Image by Lia Trevarthen

Step 4

If you leave your package during office hours we will retrieve your package shortly. If you leave your package after hours, we will confirm with you on the following business day(s).

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