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Step 1

Gather all your relevant tax documents for this tax year. These include W-2s, 1099s, etc. Please visit our checklist page for what to gather.

Accounting Documents

Step 2

Request for Janice or John to send you a secure link that allows you to upload your files directly to us safely.

Their emails are:

Alternatively, you can also call us at

714-995-4929 to set this up.

Legal Research and Writing

Step 3

You will receive an invitation to a new program called Intuit Link. After accepting, the service allows you to send us your documents by taking pictures of them on your phone or by making scans on the computer. The directions are very easy to comprehend and we hope to use this service moving forward.

To learn more about Intuit Link click here.

Mobile Phone

Step 4

Any submissions made through Intuit Link will be secured and known to us. We will be able to see exactly what you're missing and can even communicate with you through the platform.

Woman on Computer
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