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Documents we'll need

What Tax Documents do I need to complete my taxes?

These tax forms listed may or may not apply to your tax situation

Income Documents

  • W-2 - from your employer or whomever employed you for the current filing year

  • 1099-R - Distribution from a retirement account

  • 1099-Misc/NEC

  • 1099-SSA - Social Security income

  • 1099-G - Unemployment income/paid family leave/gambling winnings

Bank/Financial Documents

  • 1099-INT - Bank or investment interest

  • 1099-DIV - Issued by your financial institution. Example: Schwab, Franklin Templeton

  • 1099-B - Issued by your financial institution for stocks sales

  • 1099-S - Sale of a home residence or a rental property that you own

Misc. Forms That May Apply To You

  • 1099-E - Student Loan Interest

  • 1098-T - Tuition Statement, paid for a child you claim or taxpayer/spouse

Forms If You Itemize

  • 1098 - Mortage Interest form (property tax paid may be on this document if included in your house payment

  • Car/Boat/RV Registration

  • Sea Doo Registration

Misc. Things To Tell Us About

  • Child care costs (Who paid, who was paid, and how much?)

  • Donated clothing & misc. items (Such as goodwill donations,etc.)

  • Cash donations to any nonprofit (Such as a church or a GoFundMe, etc.)


  • 1095-A - Proof of medical coverage from the exchange

  • 1095-B - Proof of medical coverage from your employer

  • 1095-C - Proof of medical coverage from Medical/Medicaid or covered on your own

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